More Art Laffs on Twitch - Wednesdays at 6.30pm on !!!

Join AJ and Rebecca of PPAC for more digital art adventures!

On Wednesday 27th of May we will be using the ultimate classic digital software package MS PAINT! We will take suggestions from the chat and be drawing against the the clock to create so MS Paintings.

Why not take part? If you don't have MS Paint on your computer, check out

Or just tune in and chill out with some painting and some classic MIDI music. Say hello in the chat!

Just go to to watch. You don't have to download or join anything to view. If you register for Twitch you can use the chat to make comments and suggestions. Let's work together! And if you draw anything, share the picture the PPAC Facebook page!

As usual the stream starts at 6.30pm, and you can drop in anytime. See you in cyberspace!

Here's a picture from our first stream: