Digital Art Showdown ~ Toby Jug Challenge ~ Live on Twitch!

Join AJ and Rebecca of PPAC for a live digital art battle!
AJ and Rebecca will be competing to create the best digital Toby Jug in the allotted time! A Toby Jug is a traditional English art form, a jug in the form fellow sitting and drinking a beer, his hat forming the spout. We we will be trying to create cyber versions using digital art techniques that we are learning and not very used to! Join the fun and chat along!

AJ will be using the application Blender, to make his jug as a 3D graphic model!
Rebecca will be using the application Aseprite, to make her jug design a 2D pixel image!

Both these apps are free, so if you want to have a go too you can! Please send us your images if you do, we'd love to see them. Or try making a Toby in any medium you like!

Just go to to watch. You don't have to download or join anything to view. If you register for Twitch you can use the chat to make comments and suggestions. What theme should our jugs have?! Let's work together!

AJ has received support to learn Blender from The Auxiliary's Abode project :)

The stream starts at 6.30pm and the contest kicks off at 7pm. See you in cyberspace!