Problematic Faves ๐Ÿ’•

Our new exhibition at ARC, Stockton’s Art Centre, Stockton-on-Tees, August 2017

Ever have a favourite celebrity, but realise there was something a bit off about them? Ever have a crush on a pop culture superstar, but something they did or said makes you think twice about admitting it?

Problematic Faves is an exhibition about this phenomenon. Because these days, with internet news, Wikipedia and social media meltdowns, it hard to escape the fact that our pop culture heroes are often far from perfect. It doesn’t mean we have to stop liking them, we just don’t have to like all their choices.

Curated by AJ Garrett and Rebecca Little from Peg Powler Art Collective, this group exhibition depicts the personal problematic favourites of local, national and international
artists, including Xania Keane (Montreal), Fleur von Fur (Teesside), and Stef Bradley (Liverpool).

The exhibition runs on ARC’s top floor throughout August and is open to all to visit. ARC is open Monday to Saturday. For more information visit or email

Xania Keane