Peg Powler Gallery @ Green Dragon Studios

From February 2010 to Febraury 2011 The Peg Powler Gallery @ The Green Dragon Studios was a zero-budget project happening in the gallery room of the studios, opening up once a week on a Tuesday evening to provide an informal and relaxed setting to view art. Every month we presented a new show plus hosting a launch night, providing free tea and cake and drawing for everyone. We frequently arranged events in the Gallery such as workshops, live music and spoken word and more, sometimes even extra exhibitions.

(Peg Powler Gallery @ The Green Dragon Studios)

February 2010: The Bad Art Show
Peg Powler's debut exhibition, featuring art work from Bad Art workshops - informal drawing workshops where people draw as crudely as possible.

(Viewing art in the gallery - walls & tv)

April: Peg Powler Preview Show
A preview of upcoming summer shows and an introduction to what Peg Powler Gallery is about. Featuring art from Detective Instinct, Shaun Elliot, AJ Garrett, Harris + Hughes, Rebecca Little and Audrey Newhouse.

(A live event Peg Powler Gallery @ The Green Dragon Studios)

May: Rebecca Little: Stockton Flea Market
An art and photography project about the past and present of Stockton's long running Flea Market.

(One of our cake favourites that was baked each week in a microwave for the visitors)

June: Harris + Hughes' The Story of Grass
A unique clash of art and humour from local writer James Harris and artist Gus Hughes, the creators of The Story of Grass magazine.
(L-R, Rebecca, Gus, James, AJ)

July: Audrey Newhouse
A solo show from one of the regions most exciting new artists, American born Thornaby based painter and sculptor Audrey Newhouse.

September-October: Shaun Elliot
After being teased in our previous group shows, Peg Powler Gallery proudly presents an exhibition from a true outsider artist, Middlesbrough's Shaun Elliot. A veteran of the Teesside music scene through his part in celebrated local post-punk band Pellethead, Shaun is also a talented and prolific artist with an immediate style that combines jittery cubism and his own unique personality.

(Shaun Elliott performs a Falsetto version of 'David Christ')

Tuesday 28th September: An evening of art, music and poetry in the gallery
The Peg Powler Gallery is hosting a special event with our current exhibiting artist, Shaun Elliott. He will be reading from his own personal poetry collection and will be discussing some of his favourite art that is being displayed in the gallery. We are also very excited to bring our first musical act into the Peg Powler Gallery - Folkdaddy! They will be performing accapella renditions of traditional British folk songs.

December: Alice Wakefield
A special one-off exhibition from emerging abstract painter and conceptual prankster Alice, all the way from Milton Keynes. Including a live acoustic set from Alice's favourite band - The Chapman Family!

(The Chapman Family below artwork by Alice Wakefield)

January 2011: 'Pests'
An exhibition by Peg Powler curators AJ and Rebecca featuring sixty portraits - 30 different animals by Rebecca and 30 different terrorists by AJ. All drawn in an extremely raw, gaudily colourful style and complete with contextual fact files. Combining both the most literal and most pejorative was to interpret a theme, come and enjoy the usual welcoming, relaxed and creative atmosphere, whilst surrounded by a lot of pests.

(Milkbones' Matt Neil performing at the opening of Pests)

February 2011: 'Harris and Hughes' - The Story of Grass #4