Peg Powler's Telly UPDATED

On October the 5th The Peg Powler Gallery returns to Heartattack & Vine, Ouesburn, Newcastle upon Tyne - in their ace and dead big new venue - and returns to the world of oddball video art. Octoboro is an event packed with Middlesbrough based bands invading Newcastle. Peg Powler's Telly will be in the spare room, showing unusual art films, strange videos and audio-visual curios that cannot be described with words. All on a loop so you can have quick look between bands whenever you like - or stay for a while and fry your mind. The choice is yours!

CRUCIAL UPDATE  -  Heartattack & Vine have CANCELLED all gigs including this one due to Newcastle City Council related issues. Look out for Peg Powler's Telly some other time and/or place!